Networking IS working!

Most of the day-to-day stuff I’ve shared with you on my Corey Dylan Facebook: I’ve communicated via email with a couple of Programmers in town but they’re busy and in no hurry to hire anyone but they‘ve been helpful. I’ve sent emails to people I’ve dealt with on a professional level before and some of them must be really busy – or at least too busy to even humor me with a reply? The good news is that mostly what I’ve encountered are SO many pros who are willing to help me, someone whom some of them have never met personally! Losing my job has ironically meant gaining lots of friends! My resume is in the hands of TV station managers, Shopping Network peeps, Radio Markets near and far, and even local sports heroes. I’m encouraged by the support I’m getting, not only inside the industry, but by the cheerleaders along the way to my next job.

Searching for a job when you’re on a timeline is at times terrifying and other times exhilarating! I’ve also heard from those of you who are in the same boat and frustrated with the process of looking for a job after months of unemployment. My advice? Make some noise! Reach out to everyone you can on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIN. Create a Blog. Stand on street corners! Only because I was posting on FB about my job loss did I learn an old classmate works at Sirius XM! If you ask for help you’ll be amazed how many people offer their help. Employers are expecting you to simply send in your resume and go away quietly if you don’t hear from them. You have to find a way to get noticed. It’s very difficult to stand out on paper but there are some Do’s and Don’ts to make note of:ésumé-Phrases/?SiteId=cbmsnhp41217&sc_extcmp=JS_1217_home&gt1=23000ésumé-words-and-10-eye-catching-ones/?SiteId=cbmsnhp42648&sc_extcmp=JS_2648_home1&gt1=23000

Now, if you’re really tired of sitting on the sidelines and really want the job you’re going to have to do something creative. I read about a woman who put her marketing resume on a T-SHIRT that got her noticed, and got her the marketing job. Smart! Play to your strengths and make sure EVERBODY you know knows that you’re looking for work! Try new things and meet new people. Here are some things other people are trying:

Losing my job has made me laser-focused and doors ARE opening! I’m maintaining a schedule, riding my bike to the gym to get in better shape, getting my rest and taking care of business! OK, I might be sleeping a little later and having some wild nights out too but you’re your own best agent so make it happen! Networking is going to have you working again soon!

And don’t forget, all the links mentioned can be found under “Favorite Links” on the right!

Keep the faith!
Corey Dylan


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