Have you found a job YET?!?

When you’re unemployed only two things cross your mind: finding a new job and how much money you’re spending on expenses.  Obviously, you’ve stopped spending frivolously.  We only wish we could say the same for our government!

I’ve already had friends tell me to STOP paying my mortgage(s) and keep the money I have.  I think it’s too early to make drastic changes and I’m fiercely protective of my credit score.  Even though I became a part of a terrible statistic in Florida when I lost my job, I still don’t want to become part of the problem of people who CAN pay their mortgage but don’t.  Maybe I’m a sucker?  Time will tell.  In the meantime I’m watching every penny that goes out the door and I came across another great article about how to lower your bills…even the ones you think you can’t do anything about!


Now the juicy stuff about where my job search is leading me.  I applied for a “Major Market Job on the West Coast.”  Everyone seems to think it’s California but the truth is that I have no idea.  I simply replied to a well-known radio consultant’s job post.  The good news is that they heard my demo and immediately wanted to hear more of my work.  That’s usually a good sign in radio!  It’s all in their hands now so I’m in “hurry up and wait” mode.

I’ve also had people from all areas of the media reaching out to me which has been really exciting.  I had a sit-down meeting with a group of talented people with experience in local TV News and Newspapers.  We tossed around some ideas for providing “content” to a number of different outlets.  It’s up to me to create the content but when I do that I think they’re ready to run with it and sell it!  It’s invigorating to be around people who want to work with you because they believe in you and flattering to get that attention from people with talent and longevity in the business!

A local anchorwoman I’m friends with also introduced me to a couple of brothers that have a successful business.  They needed a “spokesperson” to act as a host for their website.  I made the drive to a production studio in Sarasota and had the chance to work with a great group of guys.  I got all dolled up and we shot the video using what’s called a “green screen” and I read a few scripts from a teleprompter – something I hadn’t done for years – but it was so much fun!  Everyone seems happy with what we did that day and there may be more work for me with this company!

And finally I got a call this week from a local television & radio sports anchor who may have a local radio gig for me!  Amazing!  It’s too early to tell where this one will lead but I should know more tomorrow.

By now I’ve heard the cliché “When one door closes another one opens” at least 50 times in the last few weeks but the truth is that when you tell people you’re available and eager to try new things and WORK they WILL come knocking.  Work hard at what you’re doing now because people will take notice.  And remember to tell EVERYONE that you are available and looking for a new job!  I’ve been telling people that since 30 minutes after I lost my job at 101.5!

It’s been tremendously exciting to meet so many new faces and talented people and I can’t wait to see where this next chapter in my career takes me!

Until then….keep the faith!

Corey Dylan

Another article I recommend:



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