You want to work so WHERE are the jobs?!?!?

There was some hope that the President and Congress would put aside their bickering and figuring out the problem with unemployment yesterday but it turns out they can’t even agree on a DATE to talk about it! Finding a job in this difficult economy is definitely…difficult. August is a very slow month for most businesses so you can be glad that it’s over and OUT! But I haven’t slowed down the networking and barrage of emails and resumes being sent out any time I hear of a potential opening. Neither should you! This week alone three MAJOR job openings came to light and I’m on it! It’s a numbers game and as most have reminded me, “Unemployment is temporary!”

A colleague and friend recommended that I “beef up” my LinkedIN profile. My first thought was, “That’s just for business types?!” But it’s not. If you need a job and you want to connect with other people who are doing what you’re doing, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIN are a vital resource for you right now. LinkedIN puts your resume online and connects you easily to the players in your industry. Sign up and start making your network work for YOU. This week, with a simple tweet, a consultant took notice and asked for my resume! I’m telling you, Social Media will get you noticed today.

Part of the problem for the unemployed is finding the jobs to apply for! Ask everyone if they know of something you may be suitable for. And don’t be deterred by the email that goes unanswered. People are busy and hiring new employees always seems like a last priority. Keep your name out there and top of mind.

So where are the jobs? Here is a link to a recent Inc. Magazine article covering the Top Ten Job Creators:  And a recent article from The St. Petersburg Times highlights four companies that are hiring in Tampa Bay:

It’s not what you know but WHO you know that’s going to get you the job. Continue to make noise and start reaching out to everyone and anyone that may help you land that job. That much isn’t news but the methods that will help you land a job are changing. In next week’s Blog I talk to a professional resume writer. She has some great advice for you to help you make your resume stand OUT and land you the job.

Until then….keep the faith! Corey Dylan

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