I’m hustling – and I’ve landed 3 job interviews!!!

I had hoped once the summer ended, the kids were back in school, and vacations had been taken that the job market would start picking up and the phone would start ringing.  And though it took a little longer than I’d hope the phone has started to ring and the emails are starting to ping in my inbox!  I now have THREE interviews set up for the next week and I’m thrilled!: The first is with THE Radio Industry Leader, the second is with a TV station in town that’s taken notice of my Social Networking (smart company!), and the third is with a big Marketing/Ad Agency in town that’s putting together a radio/video show that sounds like a BLAST!  I couldn’t be more excited to share the news that all my hard work and hustling is finally paying off for this impatient girl…..but I’m also nervous!  The last time I “interviewed” for a job was ten years ago!  But I also believe I didn’t just come by these interviews by sending in a resume and waiting for the phone to ring….because I didn’t wait.  I’ve been bustin’ my arse every day looking for “opportunity!“  I’ve seen the crowds down at the Work Force Pinellas Center…and I can tell they’ve been at it a while. We all have to GO FOR IT!  Find the energy to LAUNCH yourself into a great job!

I’ve read that the average worker will change careers about 5 times in their life but you never know where that will take you.  Admittedly, that can be scary.  I’ve had friends who have worked in a specific “field” for a number of years, like me, but they don’t seem to realize that it’s their SKILLS and EXPERIENCE that can translate in a number of ways in a variety of fields.  You are unique.  NO ONE else can do things the way that you do them.  We all need to hone in on exactly what our strengths are and figure out where that may be relevant elsewhere and then – and this is the big one – MARKET YOURSELF!  If you don’t have the right words for your skills ask family and friends or call my friend Mandy Minor at http://www.jallanstudios.com.  She can help you articulate your skills and translate those abilities into to something new!

You need to SHOW prospective employers what you can do.  I’ve encouraged you to tell everyone you know that you’re looking for work but we really need to take it a step further in this economy.   For me it’s a media package with radio  & commercial demos, pictures, and hard copy examples of my work and research.  It’s been a constant stream of communication with EVERYONE I can connect with in the industry.  I’ve accepted guest spots on other radio shows!  And most of the real “Players” I’ve found are networking on LinkedIN.com.  You can post your work and your resume there too!  And in fact, THIS Blog is also one of the ways I’m keeping my name out there and reminding hiring managers that I’m ready and looking for work and it DID get me some priceless attention recently!  You hear stories about jobs that exist but managers can’t find qualified candidates?  If they can’t find you, they can’t hire you.  Put your resume on a T-shirt! Stand outside the company you want to work for with a sign and your resume! Do what you have to do to get yourself noticed.  It will have to be something tailor-made for the type of job you’re looking for but NOW is the time to take a chance and take charge of your career!  What do you have to lose?

So while I pick out what to wear, what to bring, and what to say in my Interviews I wanted to share with you some of the stories I’ve found that nail down the info for you!

Five things to bring to the Interview:  http://msn.careerbuilder.com/Article/MSN-2743-Interviewing-5-things-you-should-bring-to-the-interview/?SiteId=cbmsnhp42743&sc_extcmp=JS_2743_home&gt1=23000

How to answers some of those Interview questions: http://msn.careerbuilder.com/Article/MSN-2722-Interviewing-Isnt-that-illegal-How-to-answer-uncomfortable-interview-questions/?SiteId=cbmsnhp42722&sc_extcmp=JS_2722_home1&gt1=23000

How to decode body language in an Interview:  http://www.psychologytoday.com/collections/201109/stealth-signals-how-decode-body-language/using-effective-nonverbal-communication

Some good advice about the interview from a Lead Technical Recruiter for Harvey Nash:  http://media.harveynash.com/usa/mediacenter/articles/the_faces_behind_harvey_nash_b.htm

Be yourself but don’t be shy about telling the hiring manager that you WANT the job and make sure that they know you can DO IT!  I’ll have more details about how the interviews went in Next Thursday’s Blog – so bookmark it today!  And let us know what worked to get you the job!

Wish me luck…and keep the faith!

Corey Dylan

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