Are you the type who stays for extra innings or do you give up?


When the Rays clinched a playoff spot last night there were few people left in the bars and the stadium to see it. Sure, it was a weeknight. Yes, they were down 7-0 late in the game but the bases were LOADED and I wasn’t giving up hope. I’m glad I didn’t. That was some of the most exciting baseball I have ever seen and the payoff was pure joy! What in the World did Joe Maddon say to his players that kept them focused and fighting to survive when beating the Yankees seemed impossible? I wish I knew but I’m certain he’s a great motivator. It’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when you’re unemployed especially when you’re trying so hard to land a job but the employers aren’t responding!


You get a lot of question and plenty of unsolicited advice when you’re out of work. Most people are positive and understandably curious. Some are just curious and nosey. Hallmark has even come out with a line of cards aimed at those of us who have recently lost a job!?! Believe me, no one who’s unemployed wants a card to mark the occasion unless it comes with money stuffed inside or a job offer. They don’t want to be asked “did you get a job yet?” But If you have a referral or an experience to share then please do!


I haven’t had an offer yet but I’m keeping up the fight until I hear “no thanks.” I know I would do a great job for any or all of the employers should they give me the chance so the ball is in their court. The first interview went really well. I was told they plan to move slowly and I was left with a “We’ll be in touch.” I really want that job. The second interview ended with the request for references and the promise of a second interview for that job. Yesterday, I had my third interview with a company whose goal is creating a nationally syndicated radio show and it went really, really well! They called me in ahead of an open casting call which I plan to attend too. All three positions are open and everybody’s moving “slow” to hire so I don’t have answers as to their timeline. I’ve sent my “thank you” letters and will start making the follow-up emails/calls today. I want to work!


After yesterday’s interview I went to Panera for a late lunch and witnessed a potential hire getting interviewed for a job there! She was a young woman with a part-time job at Publix looking to work a second job! I watched and tried to hear what was said with great interest! “Why do you want to work for us?” “Describe a situation that was difficult with a customer and how you handled it.” “What job specifically would you prefer to handle?” There was some hesitation in her answers and it reminded me that we all need to ask ourselves these questions before we get to the interview so that we’re prepared when we are asked. By the end of her interview both the employer and the interviewee were smiling and seemed to have created a rapport. What most employers seem to be looking for is genuine interest and ENTHUSIAMS! Give it to them!


Moving from unemployed to a full-time job is a process. I don’t know anyone who’s getting hired on the spot. If you’re looking for work or know someone who is, be patient. Stay positive. And if nothing else, don’t forget to bring enthusiasm to your next job interview!


Keep the faith!

Corey Dylan



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