When did finding a job become like dating???

If you’re looking for a job in this economy you probably feel like you’re dating.  Sending off your best work and credentials only to be shot down or blown off.  You’ve put your best foot forward yet they don’t call, they don’t write…

Some people love dating while others find rounding the bases to home plate drags on forever.  You just want to be married already!

For the first time in my career the hiring process is taking a little longer and I‘m trying to be patient.  It used to be you’d send a resume, get a phone call, come in for an interview and you were hired on the spot!  They’d even fly you across the country, take you to dinner and put you up in a nice hotel just to meet you!  I knew people that would take employers up on these offers not because they wanted the job.  They just wanted to get out of town for a weekend! I guess you could compare job seekers in that era to Russian Mail Order Brides.  That era is over.

These days, finding a job is a very long process – It‘s like planning a Royal Wedding!  Even when an employer has met the right one (ME!) they want to meet everyone else possible just to make sure they’re not missing an opportunity and they’ve covered their bases.  They’ve seen my resume, called for interviews – second interviews even – and yet, the process continues.  They’re calling references, doing background checks and “asking around” about me.  So far I’ve only made it to second base but I‘m keeping all lines of communication open.   And the good news is that the conversations continue.  No one has said “I’ll  call you later” and failed to do so.  I’m ready to do a killer job for them NOW!  Courtship in this job market has become more old-fashioned so our expectations have to be realistic.  I hope to hear back from a local radio station later this week and I’ll be talking to the West Coast tomorrow.

In this week’s TBT, Rex Huppke writes “It’s OK to ‘cheat’ on your employer.”  In the article Huppke implies that no matter your employment circumstances, if you’re not “seeing other people” and actively networking you’re a fool.  I agree with him.  There’s no harm in being VERY well connected in your industry and in most cases it can only help you.


The holidays are fast approaching and we all know that employers love to lay people off this time of year.  For you it would be the worst time possible.  For them it’s just the fourth quarter.  A recent USA Today/Gallup poll found that 3 in 10 of you fear you will be laid off soon.  I hope this doesn’t happen to you.  But even if a job loss isn’t imminent for you I suggest you network.  Get out there.  Joined LinkedIN.com or another networking group that will put you in touch with people that can help push your career forward and keep you employed.  Meet face-to-face with new people instead of hiding behind that computer.  I know that some people meet their perfect match online…but I‘d rather talk to a person than a computer.  Just like the “The Rules” in dating, the rules to find a new job are changing.  However, some things never change: it’s not what you know, but who knows YOU!

Keep the Faith!

Corey Dylan


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