Hits and Misses

I wish I had BIG news to share this week but as I write this the only news I am able to share is that a couple of the jobs for which I was in the running I did not get.  San Francisco would’ve been a dream.  A very expensive dream, but a California dream.  The Program Director for the station told me that, in the end, he thought I was a great talent but not right for the format.  And he was right.  I’m not very good at holding back my thoughts and feelings and in this particular format I would need to be a little bit more “Stepford Wife” than “Real Housewife.”  The silver lining to not getting that job is that he liked my material enough to hand it off to another PD at Entercom.  Word of mouth is everything.

The Social Media position with the TV station will also be someone else’s, but again, getting turned down for this job was the right decision for everyone.  My heart is in broadcasting.

Without getting ahead of myself I do hope to share some really, really big news with you soon!  I’ve still got a couple of irons in the broadcasting fire and each is an AMAZING opportunity.  So, knock on wood, BIG news coming soon!

Rejection is never easy though, and the more you’re rejected, the deeper you have to dig to find the energy and motivation to land a job.  Believing that the right thing at the right time will come definitely takes faith.  Surround yourself with people who are lifting you up and believe in you.

If you’ve lost motivation it’s time to shake things up!  Try something you have been hesitant to try.  Do something you haven’t yet done.  Try not to take the rejection personally.  I recently had a friend – a very experienced radio pro – tell me he was turned down for a job because he didn’t have a college degree.  Hello?  He’s worked in the industry for over twenty years?!?!  But he was smart enough to remind the hiring manager that Bill Gates and Steve Jobs didn’t have “degrees” either.  Ha!  Truth and irony get me every time!  Love it!

If you don’t get the job you really wanted ASK them why you weren’t a good fit.  Ask them what you could do differently to be a good fit if a position were to open in the near future.  Ask to stay in touch on LinkedIN.com.  You never know…  Showing them and telling them you’re open to fitting the mold could get you the job sooner than you think.  I like to think of a “No” as a “Not right now.”

There are a lot of things that are out of your control: the economy, company policies, etc.  The things that you can control are your resume, your image, your online presence.  Take control.

Though there have been some hits and misses for me as I search for a new job nationwide, and lots of unanswered calls, I definitely feel like I’m about to hit one out of the park.  As soon as the ink is dry on a contract you’ll be hearing about it from me first!

Until next time…keep the faith!

Corey Dylan

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2 thoughts on “Hits and Misses

  1. The truth is people hiring are sometimes not qualified enough to hire the right people.

    It’s like voting, we have horrible governments in the world and people put them there. That does not make them qualified or the best candidate. It’s more reflection of the voters.

    And also as a late professor told me, A people hire A+ people, B people hire C people. So true. I see it every day. Some people do not like to hire better people than themselves.

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