To Be Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving!  I suspect many will be too stuffed and busy with family to be online today.  And while my family celebrates in three corners of theUnited Statestoday I wanted to wish you and your family a wonderful day and many blessings to be thankful for.

Whenever I’m having a hard time it’s easy to remind myself that there are so many people out there not as fortunate.  Though I lost my job, I feel like one of the lucky ones.  When I was terminated I prepared.  There are other things I could’ve done in advance of losing my job to be better prepared but that lesson has helped propel me into action.

I’m now more in control the path my career takes and more ambitious than ever.  And I’m happy to say my hustle has landed me a job.  The announcement will be made next Wednesday, November 30th.  Perhaps the fact that I landed a job so quickly is luck but I can’t encourage you enough to make “noise.”  Tell everyone you know that you are looking for a job.  Approximately 75% of jobs come from a personal referral. 

But for today, I hope that you are simply surrounded by friends, family, love & support of your dreams.  I know I’m blessed to have the most supportive family and friends who cheered me on when the chips were down.  I know I’m blessed to do what I love for a living! 

Wishing you health and happiness on Thanksgiving!

Keep the Faith!

Corey Dylan 


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