To Be Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving!  I suspect many will be too stuffed and busy with family to be online today.  And while my family celebrates in three corners of theUnited Statestoday I wanted to wish you and your family a wonderful day and many blessings to be thankful for.

Whenever I’m having a hard time it’s easy to remind myself that there are so many people out there not as fortunate.  Though I lost my job, I feel like one of the lucky ones.  When I was terminated I prepared.  There are other things I could’ve done in advance of losing my job to be better prepared but that lesson has helped propel me into action.

I’m now more in control the path my career takes and more ambitious than ever.  And I’m happy to say my hustle has landed me a job.  The announcement will be made next Wednesday, November 30th.  Perhaps the fact that I landed a job so quickly is luck but I can’t encourage you enough to make “noise.”  Tell everyone you know that you are looking for a job.  Approximately 75% of jobs come from a personal referral. 

But for today, I hope that you are simply surrounded by friends, family, love & support of your dreams.  I know I’m blessed to have the most supportive family and friends who cheered me on when the chips were down.  I know I’m blessed to do what I love for a living! 

Wishing you health and happiness on Thanksgiving!

Keep the Faith!

Corey Dylan 


Let’s Make A Deal!

Though I’m still unemployed, there is an upside to this adventure: I get to meet people doing interesting things and I’m doing things I’ve never done before! This week, I was able to audition for a Guest Host spot on HSN, based here in Tampa Bay. It was terrifying and challenging and the kind of thing that gets your blood pumping. The hallways were crowded with merchandise and amazing looking food…and it was like being on a movie set with a number of different studios down every hall. I practiced my pitch for an entire day before presenting “on camera“ and I’m pretty happy with how I did! It could be weeks or months before I hear back from them but I’m grateful to friends who helped me get my foot in the door. Personal connections and contacts are everything in this economy and auditioning for a job on TV was a great experience!

Late last week I got word from a TV station in Tampa and a radio station in San Francisco that I didn’t get the job(s). Disappointing, but every interview I go to, every Program Director I talk to, gets me closer to that next job. In fact, station #1 in San Francisco didn’t think I was a fit but gave my resume and demo to station #2 down the hall and we had a very positive conversation. They may be looking to make a change in the next month or so! There are jobs opening up out there, one by one.

Unemployment has definitely become a waiting game. I have a few friends in similar situations to mine in the industry and there is a lot of talk of things that “may” happen. I’ve had colleagues call and email telling me there’s something “coming up” that they want to hire me for. But these jobs are slow to materialize. What’s really going on behind the scenes? I don’t know. I know there are job openings out there. It seems, though, that employers are very slow to pull the trigger. Are they waiting until after the holidays? Is there a hiring freeze until the 1st Quarter of 2012? Are they buying time and holding off on spending money until the New Year? Probably. The good news is that I’m seeing many of you reporting new jobs and interviews on Facebook! I’m glad to see that happening before the holidays! And I’m glad I have enough cash to get myself into the next year so that I don’t do anything desperate.

And the big news I’d hoped I could share with you today? I still can’t because a deal is not a deal until all the finer points have been agreed to and the ink is dry. I’ve seen crazy, last minute things happen in this business so I‘m cautiously optimistic. But I can tell you this – I’ve had a couple job offers! I think one, in particular, is a fantastic job opportunity, a great career move for me personally, and I will be very excited to tell you the specifics when the time comes. Until then, I’m still sending out the resumes and talking to all interested parties. You can’t let up when you need a job to pay the bills and you want to work. Until next week, at least, the Champagne is on ice.

Keep The Faith!

Corey Dylan

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Hits and Misses

I wish I had BIG news to share this week but as I write this the only news I am able to share is that a couple of the jobs for which I was in the running I did not get.  San Francisco would’ve been a dream.  A very expensive dream, but a California dream.  The Program Director for the station told me that, in the end, he thought I was a great talent but not right for the format.  And he was right.  I’m not very good at holding back my thoughts and feelings and in this particular format I would need to be a little bit more “Stepford Wife” than “Real Housewife.”  The silver lining to not getting that job is that he liked my material enough to hand it off to another PD at Entercom.  Word of mouth is everything.

The Social Media position with the TV station will also be someone else’s, but again, getting turned down for this job was the right decision for everyone.  My heart is in broadcasting.

Without getting ahead of myself I do hope to share some really, really big news with you soon!  I’ve still got a couple of irons in the broadcasting fire and each is an AMAZING opportunity.  So, knock on wood, BIG news coming soon!

Rejection is never easy though, and the more you’re rejected, the deeper you have to dig to find the energy and motivation to land a job.  Believing that the right thing at the right time will come definitely takes faith.  Surround yourself with people who are lifting you up and believe in you.

If you’ve lost motivation it’s time to shake things up!  Try something you have been hesitant to try.  Do something you haven’t yet done.  Try not to take the rejection personally.  I recently had a friend – a very experienced radio pro – tell me he was turned down for a job because he didn’t have a college degree.  Hello?  He’s worked in the industry for over twenty years?!?!  But he was smart enough to remind the hiring manager that Bill Gates and Steve Jobs didn’t have “degrees” either.  Ha!  Truth and irony get me every time!  Love it!

If you don’t get the job you really wanted ASK them why you weren’t a good fit.  Ask them what you could do differently to be a good fit if a position were to open in the near future.  Ask to stay in touch on  You never know…  Showing them and telling them you’re open to fitting the mold could get you the job sooner than you think.  I like to think of a “No” as a “Not right now.”

There are a lot of things that are out of your control: the economy, company policies, etc.  The things that you can control are your resume, your image, your online presence.  Take control.

Though there have been some hits and misses for me as I search for a new job nationwide, and lots of unanswered calls, I definitely feel like I’m about to hit one out of the park.  As soon as the ink is dry on a contract you’ll be hearing about it from me first!

Until next time…keep the faith!

Corey Dylan

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What does it take to be successful?

Every week I Blog, and every week there are remarks of support….and detractors who say I’m part of the media spreading a delusion that everything is going to be OK.  Everyone’s entitled to their opinion – and keep them coming – but I believe that attitude is everything and a bad attitude never got anyone anywhere.

Things have changed.  Everything’s changed actually and I‘m finding a new way to look at things in order to survive.  I read a great article in the Huffington Post that instructs that you should no longer be looking for a job, you should be looking for “opportunity!”   I think that’s spot-on advice because far too many “jobs” have been eliminated permanently.  Just last week hundreds of people in radio where told their job no longer existed!

So how does one go about seeking opportunity?  Define your skill set and start networking like crazy.  Be open to trying new things and start new habits that will make your efforts successful.  And it turns out that there are habits that successful people share in common, it’s not simply “luck.”

One of those key traits successful people among us share is that they’re trustworthy.  Now, everyone thinks they’re trustworthy but studies show that certain behaviors can tarnish how trustworthy you’re perceived at work.  “When you engage in behaviors that are indicative of low self-control, your trustworthiness is diminished. In other words, all those things you know you shouldn’t do – smoking, overeating, impulsive spending, being lazy, late, disorganized, excessively emotional, or having a quick temper – may be even worse for you than you ever realized, because of the collateral damage they are doing to your reputation.”  (

Though even if you’re trusted as I was with hosting two different radio shows at my last “job” that doesn’t guarantee longevity.  There’s still the game of survivor to be played!  Success doesn’t guarantee a smooth ride to the top.  Just like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs you have to cultivate behaviors that will pick you back up after a job loss.

The other key trait successful people share is passion.  In the book Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies; more than 200 successful people were interviewed including Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs, Maya Angelou, Steve Forbes, Quincy Jones, and Dalai Lama.  Ultimately, these successful people had a passion in their lives that drove them to work hard and endlessly to succeed over a long period of time.  Success isn’t instant and patience is hard to come by when you need someone to give you a paycheck.  But hopefully by opening your mind to opportunity you will see your options open up as well.  Feed your passions and people around you will take notice!  I’m connecting with people I would’ve never met had I not lost my job and in turn they’re offering me experiences to do things I would’ve never sought out!  I don’t know where this path will lead me but I’m on the way to finding out!

Keep the Faith!

Corey Dylan

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What happens when that employer Googles YOU?

Let’s start with the good news: Florida’s Economy got a little giddy-up last month, creating about 23,000 jobs, more than any other state. And Tampa Bay led state metros in hiring for the second month in a row according to the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity. Unemployment also fell an iota. Good. I’m happy to see things moving in the right direction, if not quickly enough for my attention span.

For me it’s been almost four months on the sidelines and I can say it’s been one of the busiest times in my life, personally and professionally. House projects that have been on the back-burner for years are all but done: painting, planting, organizing, etc. Cinderella’s got nothing on me! I’m ready for The Ball!! And professionally, I’ve never been sharper or more ready for what’s next.

Laying the groundwork for your next job is something everyone can do, even if you still have a job. It’s a lot easier to get traction if you’ve got a head start. There are plenty of things I wish I’d done ahead of getting that pink slip but I play catch-up quickly!

According to a poll of HR managers creating and crafting your online presence is one of the most important things you can do. In the near future, 40% of HR Managers believe your resume will be replaced by your user profiles on any number of social networking sites:,, etc. I see this happening already. Employers are searching me out online and finding my Blog before we even meet. I’m building a website so that I’ll simply have to send prospective employers a link to everything and anything they could want to know about my professional life: My audio/video samples, pictures, my Blog, links to FB and Twitter, etc. When your employer goes to Google you what will they find? It’s time to take control of that.

One thing this whole experience has taught me is that YOU are your biggest cheerleader. I realized that I need to be my own manager and really take control of my career and that means taking control of your image. Even if you’re not in a “high profile” industry, carefully crafting your professional image should be well under your control. Creating a website is easier than you may think and a great way to showcase just how invaluable you are and what you offer. Your website is the place where you can not only tell them who you are…you can SHOW them and it makes a much bigger impact! is a great place to create a Blog and it‘s FREE. What are you an expert on? Show them what you’ve got! Show off what you’ve accomplished! My English teachers would be proud to know that I’ve had a lot of good feedback about my writing and it’s bolstered my confidence about another skill I can add to the resume. Websites like WordPress and LinkedIN are easy to use and you can attach links to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can imbed audio and video too! LinkedIN is the perfect place to showcase your professional achievements and make connections in your industry. And while we’re at it, make sure the picture you’re using in your profile is truly representative of that image you’re trying to create. If you have a friend that’s good with a camera ask them for a favor! Fix your hair, put on a little makeup, put on a nice shirt and take great care with everything that you include on your website because people are taking notice.

First impressions still count, and chances are they’re going to get that first impression about you ONLINE.

This week’s Blog was inspired by an article in the October issue of More Magazine which you can read in its entirety here;

Until next time…keep the faith!


When did finding a job become like dating???

If you’re looking for a job in this economy you probably feel like you’re dating.  Sending off your best work and credentials only to be shot down or blown off.  You’ve put your best foot forward yet they don’t call, they don’t write…

Some people love dating while others find rounding the bases to home plate drags on forever.  You just want to be married already!

For the first time in my career the hiring process is taking a little longer and I‘m trying to be patient.  It used to be you’d send a resume, get a phone call, come in for an interview and you were hired on the spot!  They’d even fly you across the country, take you to dinner and put you up in a nice hotel just to meet you!  I knew people that would take employers up on these offers not because they wanted the job.  They just wanted to get out of town for a weekend! I guess you could compare job seekers in that era to Russian Mail Order Brides.  That era is over.

These days, finding a job is a very long process – It‘s like planning a Royal Wedding!  Even when an employer has met the right one (ME!) they want to meet everyone else possible just to make sure they’re not missing an opportunity and they’ve covered their bases.  They’ve seen my resume, called for interviews – second interviews even – and yet, the process continues.  They’re calling references, doing background checks and “asking around” about me.  So far I’ve only made it to second base but I‘m keeping all lines of communication open.   And the good news is that the conversations continue.  No one has said “I’ll  call you later” and failed to do so.  I’m ready to do a killer job for them NOW!  Courtship in this job market has become more old-fashioned so our expectations have to be realistic.  I hope to hear back from a local radio station later this week and I’ll be talking to the West Coast tomorrow.

In this week’s TBT, Rex Huppke writes “It’s OK to ‘cheat’ on your employer.”  In the article Huppke implies that no matter your employment circumstances, if you’re not “seeing other people” and actively networking you’re a fool.  I agree with him.  There’s no harm in being VERY well connected in your industry and in most cases it can only help you.

The holidays are fast approaching and we all know that employers love to lay people off this time of year.  For you it would be the worst time possible.  For them it’s just the fourth quarter.  A recent USA Today/Gallup poll found that 3 in 10 of you fear you will be laid off soon.  I hope this doesn’t happen to you.  But even if a job loss isn’t imminent for you I suggest you network.  Get out there.  Joined or another networking group that will put you in touch with people that can help push your career forward and keep you employed.  Meet face-to-face with new people instead of hiding behind that computer.  I know that some people meet their perfect match online…but I‘d rather talk to a person than a computer.  Just like the “The Rules” in dating, the rules to find a new job are changing.  However, some things never change: it’s not what you know, but who knows YOU!

Keep the Faith!

Corey Dylan

Is she FAKING it?!?!

The short answer is “No!” I was at dinner at a friend’s home last week and she told me that after reading my Blog she had to wonder if I was faking my enthusiasm or positive outlook. And, again, that’s a firm NO!

It’s my belief that most human beings (without medication) are hard wired to be negative. “Psychology has identified this pull towards the dark side as a “negativity bias.” From an evolutionary perspective, human beings have learned that paying attention to the negative is more important than dwelling on the positive. Those whose gene pools encouraged them to ignore predators in favor of stopping to smell the roses have been killed off in favor of a more pragmatic genetic profile”


You have tens of thousands of thoughts that run through your mind each day. And when you’re going through a job loss, a divorce or break up, moving or some other stressful event the only way to cope seems to be to figure out everything that can go wrong and prepare yourself for the worst! Our ancestors must have benefited from a negative outlook when “Outlast, Outlplay, Outwit” truly had meaning.

Certainly I’ve had my bad days. I’ve had sleepless nights in the last three months since I lost my job and days where things felt all but hopeless and I was ready to be sucked into the abyss with the rests of the jobless, underwater homeowners. But this Blog does not mean to say that you should dwell on the negative. I had a boyfriend once who made this an art form – sitting in his room for hours, listening to music and “thinking” about his problems rather than talking to someone and creating a plan to deal with them. It eventually broke apart our relationship because there was nothing productive about it. If you can identify the problem it’s time to do something about it!

So once a week I make sure to give myself this pep talk in the form of a Blog and put away the anxiety for the day to focus on what I know is true: I love what I do, I’m pretty good at it (otherwise I wouldn’t have lasted nearly 2 decades in this business), and there are companies out there that put a premium on hiring talent vs. someone who will do the job cheaply. And all of my hard work seems to be paying off: I’ve been pretty busy with interviews for great jobs in the last few weeks!

Negativity serves a purpose but it can be demoralizing. Being optimistic can be a rush while it lowers stress and anxiety. But you need both the positive and the negative. “In her recent book, The Optimism Bias, neuroscientist Tali Sharot of the Welcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging, notes that optimists tend to earn more and live longer, among other benefits. ‘Believing that a goal is attainable motivates us to execute actions that will help us get closer to our dreams,’ she says. ‘This is why optimists are more likely to succeed in academics, sports, and politics.’

I had a two-hour, second interview to start the week and it went really well. I have another second interview tomorrow. And I’m waiting to hear back from a Major Market on the West Coast about a Morning Drive job there. Negativity can be a motivator. So while my chips may be down there’s no where to go but up….so that’s where I’m going. Anybody with me?

Keep the Faith,

Corey Dylan

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“Don’t Lose Faith” – Steve Jobs

“Don’t lose faith. I’m convinced that the only thing that kept me going was that I loved what I did. You’ve got to find what you love. And that is as true for your work as it is for your lovers. Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it. And, like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on. So keep looking until you find it. Don’t settle.“  ~Steve Jobs in his 2005 Commencement Address to Stanford


It’s been three months since I lost my job and I feel lucky that I’ve actually had three interviews and a 4th by phone to a Major Market tomorrow!  A total of 4 interviews wouldn’t have made me happy in the past but from what I’m hearing from friends and neighbors who are also unemployed they’re hearing mostly crickets!  Is anyone actually HIRING anybody?

Networking and Social Media has been my best weapon to find a new gig.  I continue to be driven because when you’re doing what you love – or trying to – there’s really no stopping you.  Every interview I’ve had has landed me a promised second interview but the employers don’t seem to be making hiring new workers a priority.  But I’m not letting them forget about me!  I’ve sent the thank you letters, emails and I’m GOING to get those second interviews one way or another!  TIME Magazine recently ran a story about the free ads being posted on Craigslist by people who are out of work – ads that aren’t hiding the desperation to find paying jobs in this horrible job market.  I admire the attempt to find work but you can’t put a line in the water without any bait on it and expect to catch anything.  An effort really has to be made to stand out and foster whatever connections you’ve been able to make.

Only 63% of men ages 21-54 had a job in July.  And one or more people in almost HALF of American households have lost a job in the last 3 years.  It wasn’t too long ago the headlines were screaming that this Recession was a “Man-cession.”  Then I read that single mothers were actually suffering the most.  So what does gender have to do with getting the job?  According to a new study from NC State University, men are 12% more likely to benefit from “informal recruiting.”  “Previously, researchers have argued that women face lower-wage payoffs than men with similar work experience because the women have fewer opportunities to develop job skills,  But this study suggests that a lack of useful social connections may also be driving the gender wage gap.”  This seems to me to be further evidence that networking is your best bet to land a job especially right now.

No one wants to spin their wheels and send out resume after resume without getting a response but I‘m seeing that happening a lot.  It used to be that you sent a resume off for a job you were qualified for and you’d get a call for an interview.  Getting the employer to call you is a big challenge these days.  Once you land the interview you don’t want to blow it!  Do you know how you should answer the question, “Tell me about yourself” or “What’s your greatest weakness?“  I’ve prepped for tomorrow’s phone interview and I’m hoping to land a dream job and I know I have to sell myself!  There are few buyers out there and they’re being very picky!  Here are more tips I’ve found to help you during the interview process:

Best of luck to you and until next time….keep the faith!

Corey Dylan


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Are you the type who stays for extra innings or do you give up?


When the Rays clinched a playoff spot last night there were few people left in the bars and the stadium to see it. Sure, it was a weeknight. Yes, they were down 7-0 late in the game but the bases were LOADED and I wasn’t giving up hope. I’m glad I didn’t. That was some of the most exciting baseball I have ever seen and the payoff was pure joy! What in the World did Joe Maddon say to his players that kept them focused and fighting to survive when beating the Yankees seemed impossible? I wish I knew but I’m certain he’s a great motivator. It’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when you’re unemployed especially when you’re trying so hard to land a job but the employers aren’t responding!


You get a lot of question and plenty of unsolicited advice when you’re out of work. Most people are positive and understandably curious. Some are just curious and nosey. Hallmark has even come out with a line of cards aimed at those of us who have recently lost a job!?! Believe me, no one who’s unemployed wants a card to mark the occasion unless it comes with money stuffed inside or a job offer. They don’t want to be asked “did you get a job yet?” But If you have a referral or an experience to share then please do!


I haven’t had an offer yet but I’m keeping up the fight until I hear “no thanks.” I know I would do a great job for any or all of the employers should they give me the chance so the ball is in their court. The first interview went really well. I was told they plan to move slowly and I was left with a “We’ll be in touch.” I really want that job. The second interview ended with the request for references and the promise of a second interview for that job. Yesterday, I had my third interview with a company whose goal is creating a nationally syndicated radio show and it went really, really well! They called me in ahead of an open casting call which I plan to attend too. All three positions are open and everybody’s moving “slow” to hire so I don’t have answers as to their timeline. I’ve sent my “thank you” letters and will start making the follow-up emails/calls today. I want to work!


After yesterday’s interview I went to Panera for a late lunch and witnessed a potential hire getting interviewed for a job there! She was a young woman with a part-time job at Publix looking to work a second job! I watched and tried to hear what was said with great interest! “Why do you want to work for us?” “Describe a situation that was difficult with a customer and how you handled it.” “What job specifically would you prefer to handle?” There was some hesitation in her answers and it reminded me that we all need to ask ourselves these questions before we get to the interview so that we’re prepared when we are asked. By the end of her interview both the employer and the interviewee were smiling and seemed to have created a rapport. What most employers seem to be looking for is genuine interest and ENTHUSIAMS! Give it to them!


Moving from unemployed to a full-time job is a process. I don’t know anyone who’s getting hired on the spot. If you’re looking for work or know someone who is, be patient. Stay positive. And if nothing else, don’t forget to bring enthusiasm to your next job interview!


Keep the faith!

Corey Dylan



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Are you resisting CHANGE?

There’s an old saying, “As Florida goes, so goes the Nation.”  Well, right now Floridians are staring down the second highest foreclosure rate in the country (after California) and a stubborn “official” 10.7% unemployment rate.  Florida has said goodbye to more than 16,000 government workers in just the last year and that’s just one of our state’s biggest employers!  In the headlines this week we’ve learned hundreds of new jobs are coming to the Sunshine State and the Bay Area but they can’t come quickly enough.  Here’s more on when and where you’ll find these jobs that‘ll pay $50,000 to $120,000!:

Human beings naturally resist change.  It’s scary.  It’s uncomfortable.  Unfortunately we don’t have choice but to “go with the flow“ right now.  And something like a job loss almost certainly leads to major change.  It might be a lower paying job in your future.  It might be a job out of state.  It could be the inability to pay your mortgage because you can‘t find work.  You have a lot on your plate if you’re unemployed.  It’s taken me a couple of slow months just to get three interviews and I‘m hearing the same thing from my fellow job-seekers!  But even the friends I have who still have their jobs are struggling to pay their bills.  The days of having ONE source of income may be gone and that doesn’t seem “safe” to me anymore.

I’ve been asked in my job interviews “what is it that you want to do?”  Right now, I want to do it all: Radio, TV, Video, Writing, Marketing, and Social Media!  I’m willing to try new things and put my energy and abilities into a number of areas.  It’s exciting, really.  My next interview is about a week away and it’s with a company that is having an open casting call but asked me to come in before the open call for an interview and I‘m thrilled!  I’d be happy with one or ALL of these jobs.  I’m ready to GO so let’s see an offer!  Unfortunately, employers aren’t in as big of a hurry to hire as most of us are to work.

Accepting the fact that things have changed is the first step I’ve taken to understand that we all have to look at things differently and create a new plan.  That plan will probably include things you never thought you’d do or have to do.  And frankly, I don’t want to go back to the way things were.  Been there, done that.  Dwelling on the fact that things aren’t the way they used to be will hold us all back.  However, I’ve made a plan should the day come when I can’t pay the bills.  Stressing about it now won’t do me or anyone else any good.  The mantra that’s keeping me going right now: Accept Change.  Make a plan.  Move forward.  Oh, and Winston Churchill was smart guy who said, “Never, never, never, never give up.”

Keep the faith!

Corey Dylan